Only A ‘Kook-A-Doodle Of The Highest Order’ Believes Hillary ‘Won’t Add A Penny’ To National Debt

Filling in for the Great One, Conservative Review’s Dan Bongino hosted the “Mark Levin Show” Thursday night. The “Renegade Republican” addressed one of the biggest jokes of the 2016 election season: Hillary Clinton’s claim she “will not add a penny to the debt.”

Nearly at a loss of words, Bongino warned that only a “kook-a-doodle of the highest order” would believe a woman who’s proposing free college, a blank check on an infrastructure bill, paid family leave, expanded Medicare, and expanded Social Security would balance the budget and not continue America’s scary debt trajectory.

Simply, “It doesn’t abide by the simple rules of math.”


And don’t believe the myth that there was a “Clinton surplus” when Bill Clinton was president in the ’90s, either.

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